Posters and Demos Papers


  • Assessing Knowledge Graphs Accountability [pdf]
    by Jennie Andersen, Sylvie Cazalens and Philippe Lamarre
  • Reinforcement Learning-based SPARQL Join Ordering Optimizer [pdf, best poster nominee]
    by Ruben Eschauzier, Ruben Taelman, Meike Morren and Ruben Verborgh
  • Descriptive Comparison of Visual Ontology Change Summarisation Methods [pdf, best poster nominee]
    Kornpol Chung, Romana Pernisch and Stefan Schlobach
  • AgriNER: A NER Dataset of Agricultural Entities towards Semantic Web [pdf]
    by Sayan De, Debarshi Kumar Sanyal and Imon Mukherjee
  • A Geological Case Study on Semantically Triggered Processes [pdf]
    by Yuanwei Qu, Eduard Kamburjan and Martin Giese
  • Modeling Grammars with Knowledge Representation Methods: Subcategorization as a Test Case [pdf]
    by Raul Aranovich
  • TRIC: A Triples Corrupter For Knowledge Graphs [pdf]
    by Asara Senaratne, Pouya Omran, Peter Christen and Graham Williams
  • On the problem of automatically aligning indicators to SDGs [pdf]
    by Mario Soriano, Rafael Berlanga and Indira Lanza
  • Automating Benchmark Generation for Named Entity Recognition and Entity Linking [pdf]
    by Katherine Papantoniou, Vasilis Efthymiou and Dimitris Plexousakis
  • FOO: An Upper-Level Ontology for the Forest Observatory [pdf]
    by Naeima Hamed, Omer Rana, Charith Perera, Pablo Orozco-Terwengel and Benoît Goossens
  • RoXi: a Framework for Reactive Reasoning [pdf, best poster nominee]
    by Pieter Bonte and Femke Ongenae
  • Entity Typing with Triples using Language Models [pdf]
    by Aniqa Riaz, Sara Abdollahi and Simon Gottschalk


  • Sparnatural : a visual knowledge graph exploration tool [pdf]
    by Thomas Francart
  • Integrating Faceted Search with Data Analytic Tools in the User Interface of ParliamentSampo – Parliament of Finland on the Semantic Web [pdf]
    by Eero Hyvönen, Petri Leskinen and Heikki Rantala
  • SHACL-ACL: Access Control with SHACL [pdf, best demo nominee]
    by Philipp D. Rohde, Enrique Iglesias and Maria-Esther Vidal
  • A Hybrid Knowledge Graph and Bayesian Network Approach for Analyzing Supply Chain Resilience [pdf]
    by Naouel Karam, Shirkouh Matini, Roman Laas and Thomas Hoppe
  • More power to SPARQL: From paths to trees [pdf]
    by Angelos Christos Anadiotis, Ioana Manolescu and Madhulika Mohanty
  • SAP-KG: Synonym Predicate Analyzer across Multiple Knowledge Graphs [pdf]
    by Emetis Niazmand and Maria-Esther Vidal
  • ClayBot: Increasing People-Centricity in Conversational Recommender Systems [pdf]
    by Fouad Zablith
  • Mining Symbolic Rules To Explain Lung Cancer Treatments [pdf]
    by Disha Purohit and Maria-Esther Vidal
  • GLENDA: Querying over RDF Archives with SPARQL [pdf, best demo nominee]
    by Olivier Pelgrin, Ruben Taelman, Luis Galárraga and Katja Hose
  • Piloting topic-aware research impact assessment features in BIP! Services [pdf]
    by Serafeim Chatzopoulos, Kleanthis Vichos, Ilias Kanellos and Thanasis Vergoulis
  • Explanation-based Tool for Helping Data Producers to Reduce Privacy Risks [pdf]
    by Hira Asghar, Christophe Bobineau and Marie-Christine Rousset
  • PathWays: entity-focused exploration of heterogeneous data graphs [pdf]
    by Nelly Barret, Antoine Gauquier, Jia-Jean Law and Ioana Manolescu
  • A System for Repairing EL Ontologies Using Weakening and Completing [pdf]
    by Ying Li and Patrick Lambrix
  • A User Interface Model for Digital Humanities Research: Case BookSampo – Finnish Fiction Literature on the Semantic Web [pdf]
    by Annastiina Ahola, Eero Hyvönen and Heikki Rantala
  • ExeKGLib: Knowledge Graphs-Empowered Machine Learning Analytics [pdf]
    by Antonis Klironomos, Baifan Zhou, Zhipeng Tan, Zhuoxun Zheng, Mohamed H. Gad-Elrab, Heiko Paulheim and Evgeny Kharlamov
  • Hannotate: Flexible Annotation for Text Analytics from Anywhere [pdf]
    by Tan-Tai To, Huyen Nguyen, Thanh-Ha Do, Hoang Dao and Tuan-Anh Hoang
  • Study-Buddy: A Knowledge Graph-Powered Learning Companion for School Students [pdf]
    by Fernanda Martinez, Diego Collarana, Davide Calvaresi, Martin Arispe, Carla Florida and Jean-Paul Calbimonte
  • VRKG-CollaborativeExploration – Thematic Data-driven Discussions via Knowledge Graphs on the Road of the Social Metaverse [pdf]
    by Alberto Accardo, Daniele Monaco, Maria Angela Pellegrino, Vittorio Scarano and Carmine Spagnuolo
  • SummaryGPT: Leveraging ChatGPT for Summarizing Knowledge Graphs [pdf, best demo nominee]
    by Giannis Vassiliou, Nikos Papadakis and Haridimos Kondylakis

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