The next 20 years – ESWC 2043 papers

20 years earlier than expected, here’s the program for the 2043 track and here you can also find the proceedings:
  • From Semantic Web to Wisdom Web: A Retrospective on the Journey to 2043
    by Amin Anjomshoaa, Daniil Dobriy, Fajar Juang Ekaputra, Marta Sabou, Axel Polleres and Elmar Kiesling
  • Evo-KnoMo โ€“ How to Evolve with the Current Times
    by Oscar Corcho, Ana Iglesias-Molina, Edna Ruckhaus, Jhon Toledo, David Chaves-Fraga and Chatoeg
  • oMatch: Making Sense Integration Applicable Outside the Ministry of Ontology
    by Mathieu dโ€™Aquin
  • Leveraging Ontologies in Standard Language Models for Research Capabilities: An Evaluation of Performance
    by Puyu Wang
  • Untangling Robotsโ€™ Cultural Norms
    by Enrico Motta, Angelo Salatino and Agnese Chiatti
  • Brain Freeze: the Importance of Culture and Language in Shaping Rich Semantic Thoughts
    by Margherita Martorana, Roderick van der Weerdt and Mark Adamik
  • Pervasive Self-Organisation
    by Marieke van Erp
  • EduMultiKG attains 92% accuracy in K-12 user profiling!
    by Eleni Ilkou, Martina Galletti and Daniil Dobriy

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