Keynote Speaker: Marieke van Erp

We are happy to announce that Marieke van Erp will be giving a Keynote at the 20th edition of ESWC. She will talk about Unflattening Knowledge Graphs. We are looking forward to her exciting talk!

Abstract: Investigating complex entities and concepts is at the core of humanities research. The concept coffee can for example refer to the plant that yields coffee seeds, the beverage โ€˜coffeeโ€™, and the activity of drinking the beverage. Moreover, it has a long history that is deeply connected to colonialism and status. All of these notions are of interest to humanities scholars as they are an intricate part of national identities, have changed dramatically over time, and connect to many different narratives with different opinions on them. This complexity is not captured in knowledge graphs, but Semantic Web technology has has become such an important tool that it is essential to address this complexity. In this talk, Marieke will present recent work on modelling complex concepts, dealing with contentiousness, and the most pressing challenges to unflatten knowledge graphs, for humanities research and other domains.

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