ESWC 2024 General Chair

We are very happy to announce the general chair for ESWC 2024: Albert Meroño Peñuela – we wish Albert all the best with  next years organization and are looking forward to see many people again on Crete at the Aldemar Knossos Royal again next year from 26th until 30th May 2024!

Albert Merono

Best Paper Awards

We are happy to announce the best paper winners in the different tracks below. Congratulations to all the winners, well deserved!

Best Research Paper Award Winners:

  • A Framework to Include and Exploit Probabilistic Information in SHACL Validation Reports by Rémi Felin, Catherine Faron and Andrea Tettamanzi
  • Classifying sequences by combining context-free grammars and OWL ontologies by Nicolas Lazzari, Andrea Poltronieri and Valentina Presutti

Best Resource Paper Award Winner: HHT: an approach for representing temporally-evolving historical territories by William Charles, Nathalie Hernandez and Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles

Best In Use Paper Award Winner: Prototyping an End-User User Interface for the Solid Application Interoperability Specification under GDPR by Hadrien Bailly, Anoop Papanna and Rob Brennan

Best Poster Award Winner: RoXi: a Framework for Reactive Reasoning by Pieter Bonte and Femke Ongenae

Best Demo Award Winner: GLENDA: Querying over RDF Archives with SPARQL by Olivier Pelgrin, Ruben Taelman, Luis Galárraga and Katja Hose

Best PhD Symposium Paper Award Winner: Formalizing Stream Reasoning for a Decentralized Semantic Web by Mathijs van Noort

Congratulations to everyone!

Reviewer Awards at ESWC 2023

We want to thank all PC members of all tracks for making this ESWC possible. A program cannot be put together without the help of all reviewers!

Additionally, we are happy to announce the Reviewer awards for ESWC 2023 and special thanks for the researchers mentioned below for their contributions during the reviewing process!

Research Track:

  • Best PC member: Hubert Naacke
  • Best SPC members: Oscar Corcho and Michael Cochez

Resource Track:

  • Best PC member: Lionel Medini (Université Lyon 1)
  • Honorary mention PC member: Vojtěch Svátek (University of Economics (VSE))
  • Best SPC member: Irene Celino (CEFRIEL)

In Use Track:

  • Best Reviewer: Vladimir Alexiev
  • Honerable Mentions: Edelweis Rohrer and Jose Emilio Labra Gayo
  • Special Thanks: Rita Sousa

Posters and Demos Best Reviewers:

  • Sylvie Cazalens
  • Edelweis Rohrer
  • Stefan Schlobach